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Sell Potato Chips Fryer Machine In India


Potato chips is delicious and very popular, the automatic chips frying machine also is very important for its processing, recently our potato chips fryer machines are selling well in India. And several Indian customers visited our factory and tested the machine, others didn't go to our factory, but we sent them some videos. And now let us share some details about the machine with you.
 Potato Chips Frying Equipment
Why is this machine better than the traditional model?
The machine automatically controls the oil temperature throughout the process, the temperature from 0 to 30 degrees Celsius can be set at will, suitable for frying all kinds of process requirements of food. Save oil, prolong the life of oil, no carbonized oil, save 50% oil. The food produced by this frying machine has good smoothness, bright color and high grade, which solves the problem of excessive acidification of fried food.
Why use oil water separation technology?
The food residue produced in the frying process can be filtered by water and sunk into the bottom funnel, which is discharged through the sewage outlet. It can filter oil without wasting oil. Do not need to change the oil, then you can process a variety of food, no soot, saving time and environmental protection. Compared with the ordinary frying machine, the food processed by this machine does not contain heavy metals and other harmful substances to human body.
 Potato Chips Fryer Machine In India
Which heating method works better?
Because our customers come from different regions, each region charges different rates for electricity and gas, in some countries, the price of gas is lower than electric. In others, the price of electricity is lower than gas. So some customers choose to use electricity, others choose to use gas. To meet the needs of different customers, we developed two different heating methods. The effect of these two heating methods is the same, the customer can choose according to the local actual situation.
Our machines are selling well in India now, so we have applied for a discount for customers who buy more than one. If you are interested, please contact us.
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