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Welcome To 2018 Ice Cream Exhibition In Tianjin


10,11, 2018, The 21st ice cream and frozen food industry exhibition opened in Tianjin Meijiang International Exhibition Center. As a professional exhibition with international influence in Asia, More than 380 Chinese and foreign ice cream industry merchants participated in the expo. During this period, we will hold a variety of activities such as Chinese and foreign product exhibition and trade, new product release, professional BBS, etc. Promoting innovative development of connectivity in the ice cream industry.
According to the leader of the organizing committee, the aim of the exhibition is "industry service and development promotion", with ice cream as the center, providing the industry with one-stop service of the whole industry chain. To promote the ice cream brand and products, marketing, information exchange, scientific and technological projects, machinery equipment, raw ingredients, packaging and printing, parts mold, cold chain logistics and quick-frozen refrigeration products and projects focus on display, to facilitate the industrial innovation and development and sino-foreign cooperation.
Our company is a food processing machinery manufacturer, ice cream cone making machine is one of our main products, we will show our machines at this exhibition and welcome all customers to visit us. Up to now, we have received more than 100 inquiries from exhibitors. We have arranged our sales manager to send the quotation to the customer, looking forward to cooperating with them. If you are also interested in the cone machine, welcome to join the 2018 Tianjin Ice Cream Exhibition, we will welcome you.
Ice Cream Exhibition 2018
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