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Sold Plantain Chips Slicer To Lagos


Today, we sold one set plantain chips slicer to Lagos, which is the largest city in Nigeria. This Lagos customer didn’t go to our factory after send us the inquiry, so in order to ask the customers know more about our machines, we sent the customer video of different raw materials and detailed pictures and detailed parameters of the machine. After the customer knew all the details of our slicing machine, he decided to buy the machine from our company. Now we will ship the machine to Lagos.
 Vegetable Slice
The Lagos customer want to cut the plantain into very thin slice. And our adjustable plantain chip slicer can do this. It can not only cut the banana into very thin slices, can also cut it thick, the specific thickness can be adjusted according to the actual needs of customers.
The main materials are made of high quality stainless steel and the computer and control components are made of omron. The main components are: 4 cutting knives, 5 feeding ports, 1 discharging port, control system, power system. The thickness and speed can be adjusted, it can be cleaned directly with water. High safety, convenient operation and maintenance, in line with modern food safety and hygiene standards. During operation, adjust the thickness of the slice, match the diameter of the feeding barrel, set the action, and manually peel the banana skin and put it into the feeding mouth. Press the switch, the machine will automatically slice and then output from the feed port, and the thickness is even.
 Lemon Slicer Machine
This machine is unique in fast speed, vertical cutting, do not break. It can be sliced in one second. The loss of the slice is close to zero. The slice is not scattered and compatible with more than 60 fruits and vegetables such as lemon, dragon fruit, apple, pear, sweet potato and potato.
If you also interested in the slicing machine, please contact us for free, we can ship the machine to Lagos and any other countries you required.
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