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Chikki Making Machine in Mumbai


Chikki is a traditional brittle in India, and very popular. Yesterday, we received an inquiry about chikki making machine from India, who live in Mumbai now.
He has a home-style chikki workshop in Mumbai, where he make chikki with his families. But now he wants to increase production, so he wants to buy some machines instead of manual. Since the customer's space is small, we recommended him a semi-automatic machine.
The line main include sugar melting machine, mixing machine, cutting machine, packing machine, etc.
 chikki making machine mumbai
1. sugar melting machine:
Sugar melting machine is used to melt sugar granules to syrup.
2. mixing machine:
The machine is used to evenly mix the sugar with the peanut, puffed rice, millet, wheat, highland barley, maize, broomcorn, buckwheat, etc.(depend on your raw material)
3. chikki cutting machine:
The cutting machine can be used for producing all kinds of chikki, sessame candy, etc.
4. packing machine:
we always suggest customers use flow wrap machine, and we will suggest a suitable packing machine according to customers' requirement.
Next, we will re-design the size of the machine according to the customer's site area and the requirements for the placement of the machine to better meet the customer's needs. After confirming the relevant details with the customer, we will start production. We will complete the production as soon as possible and ship the machine to mumbai.
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