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Peanut Candy Making Machine In India


We sold one set peanut candy making machine to India a few days ago, who will use the machine to make India chikki,then sell on market.
In addition to chikki, the peanut candy making machine can also be used to produce sesame brittle and other products.
The peanut candy production line main include mixing machine,cooking pot, forming and cutting machine, packing machine, etc. Of course, you can also buy only a few of them.
 Peanut Candy Making Machine India

Sugar cooking pot: used to melt sugar. The machine can automatically stir to prevent the phenomenon of pasting the pan. When the temperature of the material reaches 135 ° C, the sugar solution forms a sugar paste due to the evaporation of water and the color is yellow.
Mixing: Pour the peanuts and other materials into the cooking pot quickly, and stir quickly to make the peanuts and sugar mixed evenly and to eliminate the trapped air.
Forming and cutting machine: This machine adopts double frequency conversion control, leveling and slicing to form at one time. Equipped with multiple leveling structures, flattened by pressing and uniform thickness. Advanced frequency conversion speed regulation can meet your different product needs. Automatic cutting, saving time, labor and economy.
Packaging machine: After the peanut candy has cooled down, put it into the machine's feed port, and the machine will automatically complete the packaging process.
There are other supporting equipment that can be combined with these machines to form a fully automatic production line. If you have any question, please contact us for free. If you are also in India, we can help you to contact our Indian customers. After the customer's consent, you can visit their factory.
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