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Snack Bar Manufacturing Process


Snack bars are a very popular snack because they are convenient and delicious. But how to start a snack bar business? Before that, you must understand the snack bar manufacturing process in order to conduct business better.
Snack bar manufacturing process:

Material feeding→ mixing → moulding →cooling →cutting
Material feeding: a good start. Safe storage of ingredients and careful management of feeds and premixes to match the production process is critical.
Mixing: Precise recipe control. Snack bar ingredient mix will affect taste, texture and ease of eating. Blending techniques typically include recipe management, weighing and blending to ensure a high degree of consistency.
Moulding: Forms snack sheet of even thickness. It typically rely on forming techniques to produce a product of the same quality, ready for cutting. This process ensures consistent product density.
Cooling: cooking snack sheet. The cooling process is key to ensuring food safety and high yields. Cooling tunnels provide variable heat exchange and fans, adapting to various product characteristics. Keeps moisture away from the production area while heat recovery increases energy efficiency.
Cutting: Form into a snack bar shape. Cutting is a very challenging operation that can affect the finished product if done incorrectly.
snack bar manufacturing process 

What equipment do you need to prepare?
If the funds are sufficient, we recommend that you directly purchase a fully automatic bar making machine. In this way, although the input of fixed cost is increased, the input of labor is reduced. If you just want to start a small business, then you need at least a mixer and a shaping machine. When the business gradually expands, other equipment will be gradually added.
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