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What Are Ice Cream Cones Made of?


Ice cream is very popular, especially in summer. The ice cream cone as part of ice cream, it is also in great demand. But do you know what are ice cream cones made of?
Under normal circumstances, the ice cream cone is made of flour, eggs, sugar, etc. The customer also adds some other materials according to the dietary habits of the locals.
 ice cream cone
You need to do the following tasks before production:
1. Purchase a sufficient amount of raw materials
2. Choose a suitable ice cream cone machine.
3. Stir the flour, eggs, and sugar thoroughly until a batter is formed and smooth.
After preparation, you can start using the machine for production.
1. Our cone machine integrates feeding and baking, and is equipped with special rolling equipment, which has high efficiency, good baking effect and beautiful appearance.
2. Product diversification: can produce various specifications of cones (flat mouth cones, natural edge cones, egg rolls), etc .
3. Machine material: The frame is welded with high-quality steel, and the baking pan is made of high-quality nodular cast iron, which is durable and easy to clean.
4. Quality assurance: The machine's running speed and the temperature of each baking tray are independently controlled, the control is accurate, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed.
5. Energy saving and high efficiency: It adopts new energy power-electric heating, which is easy to operate and can be operated by one person, saving labor costs. It can be produced at 300-1200 pieces per hour according to demand.
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